where entreprenuers grow

What’s the Purpose – why join?

Entrepreneurs grow in three dimensions


We help our members assess, identify and fill their gaps so growth is guaranteed.

What is the International Association of Entrepreneurs?

An international membership organisation focused on the personal, business and community growth of it’s members.

Our aim “to be the premier international organisation for
entrepreneurs (the what)…. providing practical and affordable solutions to business problems (the how)”

What we do

• Mentoring
• IAE/APME road shows
• Membership directory - open to all members
• Regular business highlights – interpersonal skills focus
• Questionnaires & Training Programmes
• Dragons Den - regular opportunity to pitch projects
• Problem solve – through webinars on hot topics
• Raise awareness of skillsets for success
• Accredit high impact/value courses
• Direct impact on SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals (UN)
• Accreditation – Programmes and Associations

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