Entrepreneurs Working Together

The Association of Professional Managers and Entrepreneurs is the premier organisation that  assists Entrepreneurs to improve their profitability. To become more efficient. That will enable them to take advantage of the increasing number of business opportunities in the global economy.

We believe that we are the first organisation to be established, that assists entrepreneurs to work together on a world-wide basis.

Worldwide Network

Our head office is based in London. However we are hoping to establish Associate offices in South Africa, Europe and throughout Asia.

This network of Associate offices will enable our members to work together. Which will assist members  to take advantage of the many international business opportunities that arise in the global economy.

Philosophy of APME

The philosophy of the APME is to motivate entrepreneurs. Give them the opportunity to meet like minded individuals.  Sharing of business knowledge. Provide a global  alliance of entrepreneurs . Mainly from small and medium size businesses. To encourage self employment. Offer advice and assistance to business start ups.

About Us – A new name with over 100 years’ experience.

Membership Benefits