Founder Members

The Association of Professional Managers and Entrepreneurs (APME) has been established by a team of three professionals who have worked together for many years. Between them, they have vast experience working with Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs). This experience has included working directly with businesses in the sector and the development of appropriate education and training programmes and qualifications relevant to the needs of SMEs.

The objective of the “Founding Members” is to bring all their experience together with the many partnerships and contacts that they have established over the years by establishing a global organisation for Professional Managers and Entrepreneurs. All this with the goal of enabling SMEs to improve their profitability and efficiency through access to affordable and highly relevant professional development opportunities, including a series of webinars and seminars. The Founding Team also intends APME to host regular online and occasional face to face networking sessions and conferences, to provide further learning and development through the mutual sharing of experiences and the identification of potential business opportunities amongst the APME global community of Members and Associates.

The three Founder Members are:

J Malcolm Dean – serial entrepreneur and thoroughbred professional with former roles including that of accountant, Financial Director and CEO of global professional associations. Malcolm has particular expertise in securing successful start-ups, financial management and growing profit in SME’s. click for more information

Malcolm Trotter – former CEO of global associations and an experienced professional across a spectrum of fields – sales, market and business development, operational management, financial management, quality management, governance and leadership development. Malcolm now focuses on leadership transformation. click for more information